Westlake Village Remodeling Showroom

Our Westlake Village Kitchen and Bath Showroom is here to help you visualize your dream remodel.  We have spared no expense in presenting features that allow you to feel and see what beauty awaits you in your kitchen or bathroom remodel.

In our showroom you will see several kitchens setup with up with all the details. From counter tops, to cabinets, to appliances and fixtures, you can see a very wide assortment.  We make it easy and fast for you to choose the exact elements for your remodel project.

See samples for:

  • Counter tops, 100’s of options to fit your exact needs
  • Cabinets and custom cabinet door styles and finishes from our outstanding cabinet makers
  • Fixtures for sinks, showers, and more
  • Unique custom treatments that create that one of a kind setting
  • Much more

Talk to a skilled designer to learn the possibilities

The most talked about reason our customers say they love us is because of our designers and all of our people.  For decades, we have chosen some of the most talented designers to help you make the right decisions for YOUR needs and desires.  Their education, passion and dedication make them a wonderfully helpful asset in your quest to creating just the right kitchen or bathroom.  And of course, no pressure!  We strive to be your partners in your new remodel.  To do this, we try to help you, not push you.