Our detailed client services cover every step of the design and installation process.

1. Award-Winning Design

The design is the foundation of your new space. With the help of our certified kitchen and bath designers, you’ll arrive at a design that’s as beautiful as it is functional in the form of both hand-drafted and computer-generated plans. Our designs have been featured in our area’s Design House, a local charitable organization.

2. Product Specifications

We work with you to provide specifications for the complete job, including semi-custom and custom cabinetry at a comfortable range of price points, a variety of counter top surfaces, professional grade appliances, sinks and exquisite tile, as well as lighting and electrical plans as needed.

Room Additions & Remodeling

Our talents are not limited to the kitchen and bathroom areas of the home. We can improve or create any type of space within your residence. Family rooms, home offices, and master suites are popular remodeling projects. In the end, we ensure that spaces are planned to make the most of your lifestyle, work habits, taste, and budget. Room additions and bump-outs will look as if they were an integral part of the original home.

Builders and Architects Welcome

We encourage builders to visit our showrooms. We provide kitchen/bath design assistance for our cabinetry-only clients as well as our remodeling clients.