Griffith Park Remodel

Ever feel like your space just isn’t big enough and you just can’t fit the things you want?  So did this client when she first came in.

Most customers who come into the showroom think they’ve come up with all the options possible for their own remodel. What excites me, is giving them an idea and layout that they thought was impossible for their home.

This client came to me as a referral from Dennis Prager, and she said to me right from the beginning, “I want people to walk in and say, ‘WOW!’” I am confident that we have done that for her.

This was a 1920’s, Hancock Park home. The neighborhood is charming and made you feel like you were stepping back in time. Being from the Los Angeles area, I work on older homes often. The older kitchens always  seem like an after thought, making spaces tight and lacking attention.

The client desired a more spacious, open concept kitchen along with her dream appliances, a 48” Sub-Zero refrigerator and a 48” Wolf Range. With the home being a total of about 2,000 square feet, this was going to be challenging. Fortunately, I like a challenge.

I knew we would have to make structural changes and get creative to achieve this goal. I am grateful for my talented team to bounce ideas off of and go over all of the options possible before we got too far in the design. We removed two wing walls and widened the opening into the kitchen.

For the design of the kitchen we kept the overall color palette light and bright. The Brookhaven custom cabinets by Wood Mode in the beautiful Nordic White finish contrasted nicely with the darker DuCheateau flooring. The countertops are a honed Bianco Carrara Venato Marble and the backsplash is a Waterworks Grove Brickworks tile done in a classic subway pattern. To finish it off, I designed a custom hood above the range.

To make the best use of space in a small area, we added pantry pull outs made by Hafele, placing one on either side of the kitchen for convenience.

I loved working on this home and I really enjoyed this client. She brought some great ideas to the table and together, I believe, we created the kitchen of her dreams.

Design-Builder | Ernesto Sepulveda


Santa Barbara Design House Details Unveiled

Santa Barbara Design House
Santa Barbara Design House

Our Santa Barbara Design House has sparked a lot of questions, so we thought we would tell you the design process from start to finish. Keep reading to hear Showcase Kitchens & Baths custom designers, with lead Charlie Rutledge, give you all of the creative details.

View the Santa Barbara Design House Gallery here

The floor plan for the Santa Barbara Design House seems to invite casual entertaining and living. Tell me how you approached this project?

I always start with the big picture and function. This property is made for entertaining and large parties, but it also needs to work well for daily life. I wanted both the residents and the caterers to find it very easy to use!

Incorporating the client’s wish list is one of my top priorities as a designer. So the first challenge was to get two full size sinks and all the appliances needed for large groups, (two dishwashers, a full refrigerator, full freezer, and seven others) and still create great function. This was achieved by putting things where they make sense for cooking, clean up, and storage for those using it daily. And not wasting an inch of space was also important. For example, the posts on each side of the range pull out with storage for spices and oils, and the columns on the sides of the refrigerator are working cabinets as well.

The next challenge was to make a grand visual statement worthy of a design house and yet, as you said, invite casual entertaining. Visually I did this by creating balanced focal points, using formal details in the cabinetry and trim, but softening that formality with the “worn” finishes. Functionally I did this with careful use of zones.That is, by giving the cook and the guest both a place so they are together but not in each other’s way. The prep and clean up zones open to, but distinct from, the seating/serving side of the island. Also, by having the refrigerator and the second sink at the “edges” of the kitchen, both parties can use them without crossing paths. So when everyone a comfortable place to be, it is naturally inviting and feels more casual.

I love that you put the sink on the island. Is this a new trend? Tell me why it works.

Including a second sink and putting one of them in the island has been popular ever since we got past the “triangle” to “zones.” If the main sink is at a window, I usually include a medium size prep sink on the island. It is especially important in a larger kitchen where the fridge is in a different zone than the clean-up sink. I do try to keep the cooktop and ventilation off the island as it is not as friendly as the sink for seating, entertaining, and the projects for which the island can be so useful.

Kitchen Bath Designer, Charlie in Camarillo Showroom

Charlie Rutledge, Designer at Showcase Kitchens & Baths

10 Things Every Homeowner Should Ask Themselves Before Starting A Kitchen Remodel: Part 1




Have you been contemplating a kitchen remodel ? If so, you are probably wondering where to start. Starting a remodeling project in your home is a big commitment and requires a lot of planning. We sat down with our Showcase Kitchens and Baths custom designers to find out what homeowners need to ask themselves before starting a kitchen remodel

Why do I want to remodel?

This seems obvious, but if you list all the reasons, the end result could be so much better. If the primary reason is to improve the look, you may not think about the other issues you could improve, like adding a steam oven to your kitchen arsenal, improving those hard to reach corners or maximizing storage. Your focus might be improving the look, but in the end you also can gain so much more.

Do I need a professional to design or build my project?

About half of our clients tell us they know exactly what they want, but once we show them things they have never thought about, they begin to realize why we specialize in what we do. A remodel is more than just choosing a cabinet and countertop. There are a lot of unforeseen details and that is where a professional can really help the process run smoothly and maximize the value you are adding to your home.

What do I like about my current kitchen?

Make a list of what you like about your kitchen so that you can work with your designer to make sure they don’t lose that in the design process. For example, if you like watching the kids in the living room while doing the dishes at the sink in the island, you want to make sure that isn’t lost in the design process.

What does not work for you in the current kitchen?

Again, this seems obvious, but really think it through. You may be frustrated every time you load the dishwasher, but why?

When costs become a deciding factor, what are my priorities?

You may be able to gut the room and move walls to achieve your dream kitchen, but if your budget only allows for a partial remodel, make sure it is the right part. A good professional will help you evaluate options and get the most out of every penny. The most important thing in the decision process is adding value to your design. What fits your budget must also fit your home. If you are going to go over budget, you want make sure you are adding value.

Knowing where to start is the first step in starting your kitchen remodel. Check back next week for more tips from the Showcase Kitchens & Baths designers on starting a custom kitchen remodel in your home! Please call Showcase Kitchens & Baths at (818) 602-4358 or visit one of our Showrooms in Encino, Westlake Village or Camarillo, CA if you would like to get started on remodeling your kitchen or bathroom. 

The Rice Family Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen remodeling in Camarillo, CA

View the photo gallery here

When I first met Jim and Daryl 15 years ago, they lived in a beautiful large custom home that Jim designed and built himself in the 80’s. I loved that home. It was a tri level Victorian on a little over an acre with a small horse arena in the backyard and a horse stall with three beautiful horses. You see, Jim Rice owns Forest Construction which has been around since 1949 and opened Showcase Kitchens and Baths in 1987. Needless to say, he understands construction and his wife Daryl is, in my opinion, one of the best interior decorators I have worked with. So their homes are always amazing! But the one complaint Daryl always talked about was that they needed to remodel the kitchen. Fast forward a few years and after I married their one and only daughter, they decided to sell their large home and downsize to a home that had less maintenance and trade the horses for a golf membership. So they arrived to the beautiful Spanish Hills in Camarillo. It was all perfect! Until the existing kitchen started falling apart and things just started to look dated. If there is one thing my mother-in-law and wife are good at, it’s shopping. And when it comes to their clothing and homes, they love things looking new and like changing things out regularly. Luckily they don’t do this with men they love.

When I think of remodeling a space, I usually know exactly what needs to happen to make it stand out. We had to eliminate an angle in the kitchen, move some windows around and find a way to make the view outside, which overlooks beautiful mountains and two golf courses, larger. Simple, right? Luckily, I had one of the most respected and well known contractors in the industry as my client to work out construction details with me. With some projects I start with flooring, tile, or counters; however in this case, I knew the cabinet would be the hardest. I needed to come up with something totally different and unique. Not to mention, come up with something where the wife loves warm Modern styles and the husband loves craftsmanship and a lot of carved details. So I decided to work closely with Bentwood Luxury Kitchens to discuss what I needed. I wanted to do a modern door that would have a texture from a softer wood combined with the Strata technique and use it with a harder oak rail that my daughters wouldn’t damage. They loved the door. It was custom, it was different, and it was high quality.

Now for the final product. Randy Pittard, the owner of Bentwood Luxury Kitchens, and I spent a couple of weeks making six finish samples. The idea was that we wanted to add a leather color to these modern doors. It took us a while, but in the end, we looked at three beautiful samples and picked one that everyone loved. Showcase Designer Melissa Luna, Daryl and I worked closely with Waterworks on a glass tile to help brighten the room and even added a frosted glass front to some of the cabinet doors to brighten things up. Melissa and Daryl worked on coming up with the right color combo. I love dark kitchens that are still bright with vibrant colors. It’s welcoming. The other nice touch is the La Cornue Chateau. This thing is awesome! Daryl and I had planned on a day to go shop for ranges, but I cancelled it. I told Jim that we have a La Cornue Chateau in the Westlake Village Showroom and suggested that we put that in their house.That really got them excited!

In the end, I feel like this is one of the best representations of what our team can produce. There are hundreds of details that would take too many characters to fit in the blog post! To see the entire finished product, visit The Rice Family Gallery on our blog! We didn’t overlook one detail and the client gave us some freedom to truly create something unique. From the countertop details, to a seating area for my daughters, to the custom hood, to the powder room wall finish, to the built in under the stairs that has custom drawers to house heavy luggage AND that showcases his Academy of Country Music Award, we made sure to try and cover everything. The only thing I’m upset about is that it’s finished! I truly enjoy challenges and love seeing how our team helps in creating a beautiful home. Luckily, I get to eat and cook in this kitchen whenever I want. My turn next!

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Ernesto Sepulveda, President
Showcase Kitchens & Baths
Twitter: @Ernesto_SKB

What Is the Sub-Zero Difference?

Custom Kitchen Encino Kitchen remodels in Encino offer you a chance to look into what your space is missing. If you are missing a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you may be missing out on quite a bit. Click here to watch this video for a peek at the Sub-Zero difference. Sub-Zero refrigerators ensure that your food stays fresh for as long as possible. Using air purification systems and dual refrigeration, there is no shared air between systems; this means your food continues to taste just the way it should. Sub-Zero models are also extremely energy efficient and can last up to two decades, which may save you a considerable amount of money. If you would like to see the Sub-Zero difference for yourself, call Showcase Kitchens and Baths at (818) 602-4351. Our bathroom and kitchen remodel service is proud to be the Encino area’s home for custom bathroom design and kitchen cabinetry. Please stop by and see us or visit our website to learn more.

What Is Neolith?

Kitchen Design Encino

There are different needs for every project when it comes to flooring, wall treatments, and other aspects of bathroom and kitchen design in Westlake Village. Neolith attempts to combine as many advantages as possible into one type of versatile and durable surfacing that can be appropriate in a variety of different situations. Keep reading if you would like to find out what exactly Neolith is.


Neolith is not just a type of flooring, paneling, or countertop; it is a compact surface that can be ideal in countless different applications. The material is resistant to scratches and blemishes, ultraviolet ray exposure, and extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum. It is also natural, recyclable, and easily cleaned using standard household cleaners, making it appealing to those who are concerned with environmental impact.


The abundance of benefits that Neolith provides makes it an excellent choice in multiple applications. Neolith flooring can be used in commercial settings where an extreme level of foot traffic is experienced on a daily basis; its durability will protect it from scratching or wearing away over time. Its temperature resistant properties prepare it for flawless use in kitchen and bathroom design, and its natural composition allows it to contact food without a problem. Neolith sinks are now available for full integration into these parts of the home.


Neolith can help you to finish your custom kitchen or bathroom design to perfection. This surface is available in multiple formats, thicknesses, and finishes, showcasing a range of different colors and styles. However you envision your kitchen or bathroom remodel, Neolith can make sure that reality lives up to your expectations.

If you would like to know more about Neolith, please do not hesitate to call Showcase Kitchens and Baths. Our kitchen and bathroom design service specializes in custom kitchen cabinets and bathroom design ideas in the Westlake Village area. You can find out much more about our services by visiting our website or meeting with us today.

What Are Steam Ovens?

Kitchen Remodel Encino Take advantage of your kitchen remodel in Encino by updating your space with new and improved appliances that help you make the most of your kitchen. Keep reading to learn more about steam ovens and how they can enhance your cooking space:

The Difference of Steam

A traditional oven cooks food with hot air and a fan that keeps it circulating evenly throughout the interior of the oven. A steam oven internally boils water to create steam that cooks the food. Steam ovens keep the oven moist, which changes the taste of the food. A lot of professional chefs prefer cooking with steam ovens.

The Benefits of Steam

Because of the moisture available in these steam ovens, foods hold on to more of their natural flavor. Steam ovens also enhance the food’s natural texture and color, which helps you with your presentation. Steam ovens can cook food without stripping it of as many vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as traditional ovens do. You can also cook a few different foods in a steam oven without worrying about the flavors mixing together. The moisture inside of a steam oven also makes it easier to clean.

The Foods to Cook in a Steam Oven

Steam ovens can cook the same kinds of foods that traditional ovens can cook. You can put meat, fish, vegetables, pasta, and potatoes into a steam oven and get a great result. You can also use this oven to bake foods like bread and desserts. If you want to enhance the way you cook your food, you might want to consider getting a steam oven during your kitchen remodel. Showcase Kitchens & Baths brings you the products and the design services that you need to build your dream kitchen. Whether you want to update your appliances or your entire kitchen, we can help you create the perfect space for your needs. To learn more about our products and our design services, visit one of our showrooms or give us a call.

Why Choose Showcase Kitchens & Baths for Your Next Project

Showcase Kitchens & Baths Encino

Showcase Kitchens & Baths is proud to be one of the top bathroom and kitchen remodeling companies in Los Angeles and Ventura County. With our dedicated design team and remodel staff, we can help you update your home to get the features that you want for your space while adding more value to your property.

Our designers are extremely knowledgeable and are always here to help you figure out the best design for your space. Our showroom is full of examples that can help you determine your ideal design style. We only offer top products that bring you style and function for your new kitchen design. Our construction staff pays close attention to detail to ensure that you get the results you want.

Whether you want to update your kitchen or your bathroom, turn to Showcase Kitchens & Baths for some of the best remodel services in Encino, Westlake Village or Camarillo.  We work hard to give every customer the design and remodel services that they need to enhance their homes.

How We Can Help with Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom Remodel Encino

Showcase Kitchens & Baths is here to help you with your bathroom remodel. Our design and construction services give you the help you need to get the updates that you want.

You and our bathroom designers will work together to determine what you want for the space. Whether you need new cabinets or a complete bathroom renovation, our designers can help you find the features that you want to make the most out of your space. Since we also handle the construction, we can promise to bring you the bathroom remodel that you really want for your space.

Turn to Showcase Kitchens & Baths for the design help that you need to update your home. We are committed to customer service and quality craftsmanship to ensure that every client gets the results they want. To learn more about our design and remodel services and how they can help you, give us a call.

Kitchen Remodeling Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

Changing the color of your kitchen helps you refresh the look of the space. The right color helps you achieve your ideal kitchen design in Encino.

Before you start searching for paint colors, you should decide whether you want cool or warm tones. Think about the colors of your countertops and your cabinets to narrow your selection. Check out this video for more tips.

If you are having trouble deciding on paint colors, the design experts at Showcase Kitchens & Baths can help. We make it easy to find the features you need to build your dream kitchen design. To learn more, visit us or call.


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