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These are but a few of our reviews.  Before reading these, come into our showrooms to see our hundreds of reference letters and report cards that we’ve received from our past clients.

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“Dear Ernesto, we can’t thank you enough for designing such a beautiful kitchen for us.  We just love it.  Everyone that walks into the kitchen is in love with it.  We love our kitchen table and color you picked out for the walls & the different heights for the cabinets.  It’s just a gorgeous kitchen… Overjoyed! ”

-Tammy & Marshall Rubin

“Kim did a great job designing and planning our kitchen remodel last year.  With her help, we were able to make all our significant design choices up front, allowing for a relatively smooth construction project, which came in on budget and on schedule.  Her help was invaluable in avoiding the stop and start pitfalls inherent in such a project.  The result was a new kitchen that we love and will enjoy for years to come.”

-Bill & Chirstine

“I had driven by Showcase many times and kept thinking about stopping by and I finally did.  I walked into the lovely showroom and only waited a minute, and then Mike Hartstein came out and smiled and introduced himself.  I was immediately comfortable.  I liked Mike right from the start.  He was warm and down-to-earth.  We talked a few minutes about my kitchen and what the possibilities were.  I made an appointment for him to visit and that was the beginning of a very easy, painless design and remodel.  He was always on time.  I was so amazed at all the drawing and planning that went into changing a room.  For Steve (the job supervisor) and I, it was effortless.  I never felt worried or stressed during our remodel process.  The product is beautiful and of the highest quality.  We love our new kitchen.  It is fun to be in and we have received so many compliments.  Thank you Mike for making the project so pleasant.”

-Judy Brown

“Showcase just finished a kitchen remodel for me and it has exceeded my expectations on every level. Ernesto Sepulveda came up with a great design that incorporated my ideas and improved on them. The contractor, Tony Federico, was always up front about the schedule and any problems that arose, and always found a creative solution. All the workers that they employed were excellent, polite and helpful. Overall a great experience. I would use them again in a second. ”

Janice Carr

“Can’t say enough about Showcase both in the planning and construction phase. They completely remodeled my kitchen — transformed it, really. Michael Hartstein is a superior designer, and Steve Love, the contractor, was outstanding in his management of the project. Each workman who worked on the project was superior in both skill and attitude. They got the job done ahead of schedule, and left nothing behind — no loose ends. Showcase is well worth the quality of product and service. ”


“I have done remodeling with other contractors in the past.  Showcase was very “turn-key” for me.  Charlie, Kathleen & Dawn were extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Charlie really listened to my needs, wants and expectations and made them a reality.  Tony could not have been a better fit.  He went far beyond my expectations and made sure that things were done in a timely manner to the highest of standards.  he always made sure I was “in the loop” and that I was happy with the progress and the results.  All of the contractors were “top notch” and it whose in my home.  Showcase is an exceptional team.  I would be happy to recommend them to anyone.   Thank you for the great job!”


-Joel & Sandy Jewett

“Kim, I hope this finds you well and prospering.  My beautiful laundry room continues to dazzle all that see it.  You worked nicely with me and my personal designers to achieve a space that is uplifting and functional.  I appreciated your enthusiasm to make this all possible.”

-Gigi Lyons Sims

“Dear Mr. Rice (Company Owner),                                                                                                        I have intended to write to you for a few weeks now regarding the recent remodel of the kitchen in my condo that your company did for me.  I wanted to thank you and, in particular, Mike Hartstein and Jeff Schmucker for doing such an amazing job with my kitchen and bar area.  Everything turned out beautifully….it was exactly what I had envisioned.  I began this process many months ago when I walked into your Encino showroom basically clueless about how to get this done.  I had many ideas, but that was about it.  I met Mike and we discussed what I wanted to do.  From that point on I knew I would be in excellent hands and indeed the end result proved I was right.  As project manager, Jeff guided me through every step of the construction and really made it a painless experience.  I was dreading running into delays and unpleasant surprises, but aside from a couple of minor issues, it was an incredibly easy experience under Jeff’s management.  All I really had to do was write a few checks and make a lot of choices….all easy stuff in the grand scheme of things.  Both Mike and Jeff are true credits to your business and I thank you all very, very much.  I will certainly recommend your company to my friends and colleagues.”

-Scott Muller


“Dear Jim,                                                                                                                                           My kitchen remodel is complete and I want to thank you and Showcase Kitchens for making this a pleasant experience.  I appreciate the professional attitude, work ethic, and skill that every one of your employees and subcontractors used during this entire process.  From the moment I walked into your showroom, Kim Norman made me feel comfortable.  She treated me like a special friend, taking the time to discover my financial situation, personal preferences, what I wanted to change, and what I wanted to preserve.  Her easy conversations, her wonderful design ideas, her shopping and organizational skills made her a joy to work with.  I am grateful for all her guidance during each phase of  construction.  Jeff Schmucker was my project supervisor.  He made each day run like clockwork.  From preparing a written construction schedule to overseeing the work of each individual involved in the remodel, I had confidence in his ability.  He personally inspected every finished portion of the job to determine that it was done to perfection.  Jeff always explained everything that was being done and the reasons behind the permits, paperwork and additional costs on change orders that I requested.  There were no surprises.  I am grateful that he was able to eliminate all the frustration that is so often associated with new construction.  Kim and Jeff were not content to limit their help to my kitchen remodel.  They wanted my entire home to be comfortable for entertaining my friends and family.  So they used their personal time and talents to move furniture, hang pictures, and even shop for a new television.  I not only have a remodeled kitchen, the improvements are apparent in every room of my home.  God was smiling on me when he led me to Showcase Kitchens.  I am excited and looking forward to sharing this blessing, my beautiful home, with all my friends and family.  Thank you for making this dream a reality.”


-Kay Evans

“I 100% recommend this company if you don’t want to have the day to day hassles of home renovation. Ernesto was great at coming up with a plan and listening to what I wanted. He also had much better ideas than I did. I trust him completely. The relationship with the builder is the real advantage. You don’t have to make multiple phone calls. The work is superior and people are great. It ends up being a little more expensive-but so worth it. I know that I will get great customer service (if I ever need it) forever. ”

-Ann McClung

“Our designer, Kim Norman, was nothing short of wonderful.  The configuration she designed is highly functional as well as beautiful.  She was there every step of the way.  Any problems, concerns, information needs, scheduling, or even minor questions from us, were addressed thoroughly and quickly.  Kim was always very helpful, enthusiastic, professional, and a pleasure to work with.  She went “the extra mile” for us several times, even calling the window company for me when I mistakenly ordered an inappropriate window.  Without her knowledge of colors and textures, I am sure our kitchen would not be as lovely as it is today.  Everyday I walk into my new kitchen and say “I LOVE THIS KITCHEN”.  Thank you Kim!”


“Can’t believe there could be a better business to deal with than Showcase. Our neighbors had extensive work done – large kitchen and 2 baths. Decided right away we would use the same company. Mike Hartstein is an outstanding talent – very comfortable and easy to work with. His guidance and ideas made all the difference. Supervisor Tony and his crews were the best…always friendly, courteous and professional…and did terrific clean up after each visit! Our new main bathroom tub-to-shower conversion is such a pleasure just to look at….As life-long do-it-yourselfers , it was great to sit back and watch the progress. We could easily understand a few minor delays and would certainly recommend Showcase to others.”


“Showcase’s greatest strengths are professionalism, friendliness, concern, communication, and timeliness.  All contractors an subs were excellent.  Brian (the electrician) was especially polite, friendly and concerned.  Charlie and Kathleen were awesome as was Dawn and Tony.  They made the job go so smoothly.”

-Ron & Chris Lang

“Designer Ernesto and Construction Manager Steve did a fabulous job from beginning to end on our master bedroom and bath remodel in 2010. The work progressed very professionally. We were always kept advised as to what would be happening and when. Everyone sent to our home was so nice and considerate of us and our home. The electricians and plumbers, tile and cabinet workers and every other building trade showed up when they said they would and did a great job. And when we called, they responded.”

-George & Debra Stephan

“I found the most impressive strengths were Charlie Rutledge’s ability to design and space plan all of the elements in my kitchen from the size and placement of the cabinetry and the angle of new walls, right down to the smallest decorative finish detail…. with everything coming together with precision.  The masterful scheduling and coordinating of the subcontractors and tradesmen displayed by Steve Love was a joy to experience.  This allowed for fast and efficient completion of the work…. NO DELAYS!”   As for any weaknesses, I would have to give that some serious thought, none come to mind!”

-Lola Stenning

“When it came time to remodel my kitchen, I didn’t hesitate to use Showcase, from my previous experience with Forest Construction, I knew I would be in good hands and my project would be completed on time. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of my kitchen, it is more than I expected. Listening to a co-worker who was going through a complete remodel as I was, had nothing but delays, I always knew what was going on and I have nothing but praise for Showcase and their staff; I would recommend this company to family and friends.”


“When deciding to remodel our kitchen, we looked at all the options for design and cabinets.  In the end, we chose Kim at Showcase and are thrilled with the final remodel.  The cabinets are really nice and the design was perfect for our space.  We would highly recommend them.”

-John & Lori

“Showcase Kitchens and Bath completely renovated our kitchen and family room in the Fall of 2007. The entire team was professional, polite, on-time and actually really nice people. Since we were living out of our living room, and it was very close to the holidays (November), we were concerned about the possibility of running behind and not having our kitchen done by Christmas. However, the crew stayed right on time, with the finished product a week before the holidays and gorgeous. Now, 4 years later, I am still in love with my beautiful kitchen. We plan to re-model our upstairs bathroom and Showcase is the only company I would consider for the job. I highly recommend them for any remodel/re-design home project.”


“Showcase was very reliable and professional, on time and on budget.”

-Dana & Janet Danielsen

“I’m reading the reviews below mine with total amazement. Showcase completely remodeled my kitchen and bathrooms in 2008 and they were exceptional in every respect and 3 years later everything is perfect and we did so much prep work on design and materials that I wouldn’t change a thing. Everything looks great right after it’s done, it’s how it looks and functions 3 years later. Wouldn’t you agree that’s the real test?  I talked to 4 kitchen and bath companies and 3 independent contractors before I selected Showcase to do the job.  Mike Hartstein was my designer and he was the ONLY one who took a significant amount of time to talk to me about himself and to show me some of the projects he’d done in the 30 years he’s been in the business, and to tell me in depth about Showcase (he even offered to introduce me to their staff and I eventually met almost everyone), and to discuss my project and concerns in depth before requiring a retainer.  Yes, there is a retainer, EVERY company or contractor requires a retainer because an enormous amount of work is done before the project starts. That’s what’s covered by the retainer and it’s applied to the total cost of the project.   Mike and I worked together on drawing up the plans and selecting materials for months before construction started.  He has an easy going, no pressure personality and week after week he was personable and professional.  We changed things over and over and not once did Mike make me feel like, “oh not again”.  Thus when the project started we knew exactly what the finished rooms were going to look like and there were only a few very minor unanticipated changes.  Tony Federico was my project manager and he was at my home almost every single day, sometimes even stopping by on a weekend, many times going out of his way to do things not even part of his job. He’s an exceptional hands on project manager who works to a schedule and a punch list and keeps the job moving logically, step by step.  There was not one period of time when something wasn’t happening because someone didn’t show up or do their job right.  During the design phase, I discovered that my doctor used Showcase to remodel his kitchen several years before and he said the same thing, Showcase was terrific and he wouldn’t change a thing.  I referred two neighbors on my street to Showcase and they’re both just as happy as I am.  Let me tell you that any company or any contractor who gives you an early estimate of what your project is going to cost is pulling numbers out of a hat.  You won’t know until you’re near the end of the design phase what your project is going to cost because that’s when you’ll have finalized the detailed layout and selected the materials, particularly the cabinets and granite.  So beware of advance guesstimates.  This is not a generalized anonymous review.  My name is Linda Barclay and I live in Thousand Oaks.  If you would like to talk to me or see my home, please contact Mike Hartstein at Showcase and he’ll make the arrangements.”


“When Kim Norman walked into my kitchen, the first thing she said was, “What a small kitchen for a large house.”  However, after redesigning my cabinets, Kim made my kitchen seem so much larger.  I have recommended Showcase Kitchens to my friends.”

-Laura Armstrong

“I really value Showcase’s knowledge ability, reliability and quality. Jim was easy to work with and his specifications perfectly embodied what I wanted and could afford.”  Steve is wonderful!  Steve kept me informed about what to expect and really cared about my ultimate satisfaction with the job.  I had the same happy experience with these two professionals in 1999 for my kitchen remodel.  I enjoy the results of these projects every day and would recommend Showcase to anyone planning to improve their home.”

– Sherry Stearns

“Steve is only one of (maybe the best) men working for Showcase.  His service alone would make me choose Showcase again!  Steve is reliable and honest.  He even showed up recently when I thought I had a problem with the remodels plumbing long after the last check was cashed.  Steve is one of your greatest assets.  You do a good job selecting employees and subs.  I have already recommended you to 3 friends.”

– John Krotcher

“Tony’s dedication, communication and character are a great asset to your company.”

– Gary & Lorrie Graham

“Showcase is proof that you get what you pay for.  The cost was higher but you delivered quality work, on time, even during the awful rains!  A recent appraisal of my home shows that what we paid Showcase has increased the value of my home by the same amount and I think we could get $25,000 more if we sold.  Thanks!”

Dennis & Valeri Leahey

“Kim made my kitchen flowing, functional and gorgeous!!!  It really works and looks great “just sitting there” too!”

-Susan & Jim Vopicka

“The agreed upon estimate is a good guideline and is reflected in the quality of workmanship.  Customer satisfaction was primary to Showcase.  I would recommend them to friends.  Showcase encourages you to make choices that you won’t regret.  They provide the big picture and make a point to tell you what choices are important and discuss ideas to minimize costs where they can, if desired.  They value your every request and make adjustments as needed.  Basically, it’s whatever the customer wants.  We found customer satisfaction the greatest strength Showcase has.  They have reliable, quality workers.”

-Scott & Anne Samways 

“I rate Showcase and Forest as the Best of the Best.  I would return to you for future work and recommend you to anyone contemplating a new construction/remodel.”

– Paul & Jenny Christensen

“I would like to give Kim Norman of Showcase Kitchens & Baths a huge thank you!  Kim did an amazing job designing a custom kitchen just for my husband and I.  The kitchen is functional and beautiful.  It makes me smile every day.  I would definitely do it again, Kim made it effortless.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your hard work Kim.  I would also like to thank Michael Perlmutter (Project Manager) and the rest of the staff for their help and patience.  The Wood-Mode (Brookhaven Cabinets) they created for us are top quality and beautiful.”

-Willie, Simi Valley

“Great job!  We love our kitchen.  Tony was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him.”

– Timothy & Rebecca Madigan

“Charlie and Kathleen were a dream to work with!  Utter professionals.  Steve is a huge asset to your company.  Forest Construction and Showcase working together is, in my opinion, essential to the job.  The communication that flows between the two keeps the project flowing and on schedule.  One of the things I was most impressed with was the spreadsheet outlining the day to day activity of the job.  I can’t recommend them enough for their patience and understanding.  I would say that your strengths lie in your reputation and quality of personnel.”

– Dale & Linda Abbott

“They did a great job.  We could not have done the projects without their services.  They were extremely honest, helpful, and knowledgeable.”

– Don & Lucy Frokjer

“A year ago Showcase remodeled our two bathrooms. The job was excellent and Michael Hartstein, our Designer and Steve Love, our Construction Supervisor were great.  Both Michael and Steve “held our hands” through the entire job.  A year later we decided to remodel our kitchen and the only company for us was Showcase.  Again we had Michael and Steve as our team and the job went great, on budget, and even completed two weeks before schedule.  All of the workers were polite and very professional.  We would recommend this company and team to anyone considering remodeling.”

Bob & Janie Fink

“We can’t think of anything we didn’t like about working with Showcase, you’re superb in every respect!”

-William & Linda Barclay

“When I first met Kim a the showroom in Westlake Village, I knew instantly that she was very knowledgeable.  Prior to this encounter,  I had met with two other building contractors and was concerned about their approach to create and finish my kitchen and master bathroom remodel.  Kim on the other hand, explained in detail, the product and process on how to create the kitchen and master bathroom of my dreams!  Kim has an incredible eye and talent to create the look suitable for her clients’ tastes.  I knew that I was in good hands right out of the gate.  During the remodel project I found it  very impressive that Kim’s attention to every detail was invaluable.  It was very reassuring to know that Kim was on top of everything from start to finish!!  I realized early on that I had very few decisions to make as far as paint colors, faucets, fixtures, etc.  Kim knew what worked, I trusted and appreciated her many selections.  End result….I have the most amazing kitchen and master bathroom!  I love it and love Kim Norman for making my home something I am very proud to come home to.”

-Carole Hunter

“The supervisor made sure that we knew of the process every step of the way.  We were always “kept in the loop” when we were told that a certain phase of the project would be completed on a certain day, it was done!  Overall we were more than pleased with everything and everyone.  I would give a strong referral to anyone who might ask if I would seek out Showcase.”

-Amanda McClard

“We have already referred Showcase to a friend who, I understand, have contracted you to begin their renovation in January.  We still love our kitchen!  Even friends who are contractors are amazed at the job you did.  Thanks again!”

-Darien & Sandra Olsen

“Steve Love as our project manager was outstanding.  He always was prompt and courteous in resolving the issues that came up during the project.  He also worked well with the subs to assure our satisfaction.  We are definitely happy with the final product and would (and have) recommended friends and neighbors to contact you.”

-Ed & Sherri Trask

“Being able to work with your designers, using their expertise to embellish our own ideas and requirements was great.  The supervisor worked closely with us and was at the job site everyday.  All in all, we were quite happy with the two remodel jobs you did for us.  We wouldn’t attempt to take on remodeling kitchen and bathrooms on our own.”

-Paul & Diane Paulin

“The foreman, Tony, was super.  He was very communicative and insisted on quality work .  He felt like a member of the family by the time the project was done.  We chose Showcase for our kitchen without shopping around because we had been so pleased with them in a 3 bathroom remodel a few years prior.  We liked the fact that no dumpster was parked on the street and trash was regularly carted away.”

-Arthur and Llewellyn Kirby

“Dear Kim & Tony,                                                                                                                               We can’t thank you enough for designing our beautiful kitchen & bathroom.  Kim Norman is a wonderful & talented designer.  Tony Federico and his crew are the best.  They’re very friendly, courteous, professional and cleaned up after each visit.  We became good friends with both Kim & Tony.  We would definitely recommend Kim for her designing & Tony for his work ethic.  They are both very enthusiastic & dedicated to your needs.  Showcase deserves and has earned a 110% recommendation.”

-Don & Diann Lewis